Welcome to Union Shore!


Boy, does it feel good to let go and start fresh!

Welcome to Union Shore - my new online home and space for all things creative, inspiring & fun! I took a long blogging break last year I finally feel like I'm ready to try again! Creative Index had a good run (almost 6 years!), but I'm honestly ready to put it in the past. I thought long and hard about changing the name and it’s something I believe my heart and business needed. (more on the re-brand coming soon)

My creative soul is ready to get back on the blogging train! Feel free to leave any suggestions for future posts or free printables in the comments.... or leave your blog address so I can say hello!

I'm still working on finishing things up around here, but I couldn't wait any longer to say "Hello" and show off the new look! :)

Stay tuned for more.......

xo, jess