Your Purchase Has A Purpose


Together, let's try and bring some good to people and charities in need. I love that my shop can help support my little family financially, but I want it to have a bigger purpose. The world can be a better place with a little more kindness… and shopping can be a little more meaningful when you know that your purchase is helping out a great cause.

After seeing so much sadness and destruction after Hurricane Harvey, I knew I wanted to help. So I donated almost all of my sales that month to 3 different groups (Austin Pets Alive, Dallas DogRRR and Mercy Chefs) and let me tell you - it felt so good to make those donations! And I want to do the same this Holiday season… and next year too!

I haven’t fully decided on the organizations yet, but as of now, St. Francis Service Dogs, House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary, Corolla Wild Horse Fund, Network for Endangered Sea Turtles, Spike's K9 Fund, Blue Line Bears, Mercy Chefs and Pencils of Promise are up for consideration. I want to support a good mix of national and local organizations in the coming months, so if there are any causes you support, please send me any email or let me know in the comments! All places I donate too, will be mentioned on the shop site and I’ll do frequent blog posts to keep you updated too!

I do want to mention that my sales/profits definitely vary month to month, but I’m committed to help! Any size donation, even the small ones can help. :)